Friday 16th December

Geoffry OryemaGeoffrey Oryema has arrived in Uganda after 39 years in exile.

He will perform at a concert in Kampala on the night of Saturday 17th December 2016 by kind invitation of the Bayimba Foundation.

Babaluku Silas from Bavubuka Foundation and  Julius Lugaaya will also perform.

Three Bayimba Foundation Honorees will be announced and publicly recognized at this event.

The Bayimba Honours was initiated to recognise artists, private individuals, families, institutions or companies for their contribution, in the spirit of philanthropy, to the development of the arts and cultural life in Uganda and the award is given to those whose efforts:

– reflect the vision and sense of private obligation to public good
– are of significant dimension and have been sustained over time
– and are of significant impact on a particular field, or on a particular group of people in Uganda.

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