PRESS RELEASE: Geoffrey Oryema: Out of Exile into Uganda

1st December 2016



Geoffrey Oryema is returning to Uganda in December after nearly 40 years in exile. The country he holds so dear to his heart is welcoming him back to perform as the headline act at a concert at The Bayimba Honours event at the Lohana Academy in Kololo, Kampala on Saturday 17th December 2016.

Also performing are the talented musicians Silas Babaluku in a Hip Hop Orchestra featuring The Kampala Symphony Orchestra and the distinguished dancer Julius Lugaaya.

Geoffrey is travelling from France, the country where he settled and became a citizen, and is bringing a message to Uganda of peace and reconciliation:

“I can feel the final count-down in my veins and my heartbeat jumping up my vocal chords. I’ll be back home soon to embrace the pearl of Africa and touch the roots of my motherland.”

Geoffrey Oryema’s family’s involvement in politics and his father’s death by the forces of Idi Amin’s forces pushed him into exile.

His music is concerned with issues such as conflicts, resolutions and humans rights in Africa and the rest of the world. He has tackled the difficult issues of child soldiers, inequality, and his own experiences escaping from the Idi Amin regime.  He sings some beautiful love songs. When he plays to live audiences he has an extraordinary effect on the audience with his mesmerising voice that can quieten a stadium with a whisper – and soon after rouse the audience crowd to sing and dance.

Oryema’s major hits include Makambo (Exile), Lapwony (Beat the Border), Payira Wind (Beat the Border), Bombs are Falling (From the Heart) and La Lettre (From the Heart).

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Geoffrey Oryema Discography

1990   EXILE   (Realworld / Virgin)
1990   BEAT THE BORDER    (Realworld / Virgin)
1996   NIGHT TO NIGHT   (Realworld / Virgin)
2000   SPIRIT   (Sony Music)
2004   WORDS   (Sony Music)
2010   FROM THE HEART   (Long Tale Recordings)

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