Saturday 17th December 2016

The Bayimba Foundation Honours Event in Kampala, Uganda.

VENUE: The Lohana Academy, Prince Charles Drive, Kololo, 487 Kampala, Uganda

Geoffrey Oryema and his band Ali Otamane (guitar), Edouard Ferlet (piano) and Zénon Kasanzi (percussion) performed at a special event by invitation of the Bayimba Foundation.

Also performing are the talented musicians Silas Babaluku in a Hip Hop Orchestra feat. The Kampala Symphony Orchestra and the distinguished dancer Julius Lugaaya.

During the evening, three Honourees were publicly recognised and received the Bayimba Honours. These prestigious awards recognise artists, private individuals, families, institutions or companies for their contribution, in the spirit of philanthropy, to the development of the arts and culture in Uganda.

More info at Bayimba Honours 2016  #AboutBayimbaHonours



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