Geoffrey Oryema returns to form with a brilliant album – From The Heart.

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This is a collection of songs Geoffrey wrote after looking at the chaos war brings to his continent Africa. He tackles the difficult issues of Child Soldiers, The effects bombs have on people, his own experiences escaping from the Idi Amin regime and some wonderful love songs. It has light and shade, passion , power and beauty. This is a serious work and should be in your collection.

This began as a session in Kazan and later in Moscow. The initial recordings were then brought back to England and given to studio maestro Alex Swift who crafted and moulded the recordings into something special. We then all converged on Real World and did the essential overdubs and re-takes with Geoffrey earning the monicker “One Take Geoffrey”.

The only song not to make the record was “Ready to Go” which somehow just never seemed to be right. No doubt it will be on the next record or will appear as a B Side in the near future. The record was released on 13 October 2010 in time for Geoffrey’s performance at The United Nations in support of the film Children of War.From the Heart is available from iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Bandcamp.

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